January 30, 2016

Beyond "crazy-busy"

I am tracking time this month to get a fuller sense of where my time goes and how I use it.  It's my most precious resource and I want to be sure I am stewarding it with my priorities.

Looking back at this week, I worked about 42.5 hours.  This includes my actual work time, but also meetings and work-related events.  It is actually pretty hard for me to work as many hours as I would like.  I know that the cultural story in higher ed is that we work all the time and that the pace is very intense.  I would agree: the pace is really intense.  However, we also get times when the pace slows (summer and winter break). Even if we work year-round, we do enjoy a change of pace and less intensity during these periods of time.  But I am suspicious that we do not really work the 60+ hour weeks that we think we do. Most weeks, I don't even come close to 60 hours a week.  It's tempting to say I am "crazy busy" because I certainly feel like

December 27, 2015

What Worked for Me in 2015

Our tree!  
Some other bloggers, like Modern Mrs. Darcy and Laura Vanderkam, have inspired me to blog about what has worked in 2015. So here's what has worked for me this past year:

1.  Getting some help!
Having a college student come and help do dishes and laundry a couple of days of week was a great addition to reduce chaos in our life.  I also added a monthly cleaning service a couple of months ago.. These are a big expense in our budget…but if there is any way that I can afford it, I will keep doing it.  It helps me stay a little sane with our big jobs and 3-year-old plus teenager-family. I like to host friends and students at our house a fair amount and I can't pull that off without a little (or a lot of) help.

2.  Meal planning.
Wow, I really did some serious meal planning this year.  It’s been very helpful.  Most weekends I sat down and thought through the meals for the week. This is something I want to keep doing!  I don't always stick with the plan--but having a plan limits the amount that we go out to eat or get take out. And that's brilliant.

3.  Read it up!
My book club started in Fall 2014 has been a great part of my life this year.  It’s been my main source of social enjoyment and connecting with other women. I love it and I move all things to attend it once a month.  This month we are reading...

November 8, 2015

What I'm Reading


I am reading L'Engle's Circle of Quiet...again...this is an every-other-year book. Madeleine L'Engle makes you sees ordinary life with extraordinary eyes. Always applicable, poetic and spiritual, she tackles the deepest issues of life with a raw and serious faith.

And for my book club, The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome and One Man's Quest to be a Better Husband!   I listened to this as an audio book about three years ago and am so excited to read this with my group.

A second round of Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within.  I am reading this with a friend about personal change and how it leads to organizational change.

In My Ears
I always like to have YA novel going and the current one is the second of the Remnant Chronicles: The Heart of Betrayal. Have to admit that the first one in this series was much more fun, trying to power through the second installment. Almost done!

I am so excited about Winter coming to my ears! I have pre-ordered it--it's the last in the Lunar Chronicles series and I have thoroughly loved each of those books. Cannot wait for this final installment.  It's arriving Nov. 10th 

What are you reading?  I would love to know your recommends! 
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